Subject: cleaning out my garage for a good cause
To: None <>
From: hierophant <>
List: port-mips
Date: 05/25/1999 14:21:33
i'll preface this with the obligatory "copy me directly, i'm not subscribed
to the list"...

it will take some digging to sort everything out, but i have:

- several mips magnum/millenium R4000PC/R4000SC/R4400SC systems
- various pieces/parts for above (ethernet riser, video card)
- boot floppy to flash between NT/RiscOS firmware
  (i believe i downloaded this from's milo efforts, but i
  also have an "original" floppy from mips)
- RiscOS 5.01B3 distribution media (only one set)
  (i also have the include files from this distribution online if anyone 
  cares to look at them -- they're more detailed than necessary, almost as
  if the developers knew their product was doomed and wanted to help some
  future effort)
- some documentation about system architecture (i explicitly retained only
  those pieces which were not marked "confidential" or "proprietary"; some
  of this documentation actually shipped with new systems).

if there are developers that would benefit from these, i'm willing to put
together a few working systems and ship them. if there's someone in the
san francisco bay area that would like to coordinate the effort and accept
a "drop shipment" of hardware, that would be even better.

i have actually installed riscos on one of these -- it's best described as
a "pure sysV port, complete with pure sysV bugs". i found it lacking, to
say the least.

i also have a number of mips magnum3000 systems (R3000) and some Rs2030
(R2000A) if anyone's interested. i have framebuffers, they take generic
memory, and the io chips are all "standard" eg amd7990 ethernet, emulex
ncr5380 scsi, etc. i suspect that a port wouldn't take much effort. i
even have some documetation, but no os distribution media (some of them
still have drives that boot though).