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radeonfb vs. Mac Mini


I committed a few changes to radeonfb lately which make it work
properly on my Mini, with both DVI and VGA output.
My Mini is the 'silent upgrade' model, PowerMac10,2 as per Open
Firmware. The DVI port is wired slightly different on first
generation Minis ( PowerMac10,1 ), I *think* I set it up correctly but
I have no way to test this.

Also, please test radeonfb on other hardware. I don't think it's likely
that I broke anything but it's not impossible of course. It still works
on my Sun Blade 2500 with XVR-100 ( a Radeon rv100 ) but that's about
as much as I can test myself right now.

Also, Xorg should now work out of the box without additional
configuration on all Minis, the xf86-video-radeon driver already
contains workarounds for Minis but lacked NetBSD-specific code to find
out with Mac model it's running on. I added that, and it Just Works(tm)
on mine. Please update & test.

have fun

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