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Got a Mini...


so, a Mini did magically show up on my doorstep - here's what I got so
- I installed a very recent -current and dropped both ofwboot.xcf and
  ofwboot.elf into the Mac OS X partition. As previously reported by
  others, ofwboot.xcf crashes, ofwboot.elf works.
- with no extra options xf86-video-radeon will not detect the monitor
  ( using the DVI input on mine ) and output looks scrambled but Option
  "MacModel" "mini-internal" fixes that. The man page claims that the
  driver will detect the model automatically on Linux - I'll teach it
  to do the same on NetBSD ( it's probably just reading some OF
  properties ). With that option the connector list changes to this:
[   453.272] (II) RADEON(0): Port0:
[   453.272]   XRANDR name: DVI-0
[   453.272]   Connector: DVI-I
[   453.272]   CRT2: INTERNAL_DAC2
[   453.272]   DFP2: INTERNAL_DVO1
[   453.272]   DDC reg: 0x6c
[   453.272] (II) RADEON(0): Port1:
[   453.272]   XRANDR name: S-video
[   453.272]   Connector: S-video
[   453.273]   TV1: INTERNAL_DAC2
[   453.273]   DDC reg: 0x0
  ... teaching radeonfb the same trick shouldn't be hard.
- this Mini came with the bluetooth option installed, but it attaches
  as a HID:
  uhidev1: Apple Computer (0x5ac) Bluetooth HCI (HID-proxy mode)
  (0x1000), rev 2.00/19.65, addr 2, iclass 3/1
- the temperature sensors are apparently connected to an i2c-bus
  controlled by the PMU. I /think/ I have rudimentary i2c support
  for the pmu driver somewhere, had nothing to test it with until now.

have fun

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