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Re: Failures on NetBSD/macppc 6.0 for pkgsrc-current

Havard Eidnes wrote:

> However, this resulted in build failures on netbsd-6, and was
> subsequently reverted, and later on the following set of
> revisions/patches were pulled up:
> sys/arch/powerpc/include/userret.h              1.29-1.30 (patch)
> sys/arch/powerpc/oea/oea_machdep.c              1.72 (patch)
> sys/arch/powerpc/include/psl.h                  1.20 (patch)

Ok, thanks for looking it up. I guess this should be sufficient to fix those
FPU-related problems.

> The fixes should be part of 6.2 when/if we release it.

I really hope there will be a 6.2. netbsd-6 was a good release.

Frank Wille

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