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Re: Successful story Mac Mini PPC G4 with NetBSD-6.1.1 (repeated)


on Friday 27 September 2013 18:52:21 you wrote:

> Also, I'm a happy owner of an old Macintosh body of PowerPC 6100 (it
> doesn't look to be cannibalized at all), I miss all the peripherals:
> cables and external components (keyboard, mouse, monitor). I know this
> is Nubus and it's unsupported with NetBSD, however I would like to give
> it a try and try to run MKLinux, to verify the hardware is still working.
> The *bay prices are unfortunately doubled or tripled for me, because the
> shipping to Poland costs - and so, the collection may take a few months.
> Another question: can I use standard-PC  power-supply-cable with
> the PPC/Nubus Macintosh?

I don't remember anything special about those power cables.
ADB peripherals, DB15->VGA adaptors etc. should all Just Work ( in fact I'm 
using a 68k-era ADB keyboard with a beige G3 running -current )

have fun

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