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Re: tstile lockups - side note

On Jun 30, 12:06am, martin%duskware.de@localhost (Martin Husemann) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: tstile lockups - side note

| On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 04:28:56PM -0400, Christos Zoulas wrote:
| > I think we need a workqueue to really fix this. I suggested a temporary
| > kludge.
| No workqueue should be needed and the kludge violates the "no locking
| decisions based on mutex_owned()" rule.

I know that this is why I did not commit it and called it a kludge.

| See my previous suggestion for a potential real fix, will look at that
| and try it tomorrow.

yes, that sounds right in that case.


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