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Current won't boot

Hello, macppc people,

I've been reading about Power Mac G5 support so I figured it was time to give it a go. Hmmm... No go using a 6.99.21 ISO from 15-June-2013:

0 > boot cd:,\ofwboot.xcf netbsd.macppc load-size=55d adler32=55d0001
unrecognized Client Program format

I tried using ofwboot.xcf from a 6.1 CD to load the current kernel, but while ofwboot.xcf loaded, the kernel wouldn't:

NetBSD/macppc OpenFirmware Boot, Revision 1.12
518254read text error

Invalid memory access at %SRR0: 00000000.00e0d8c4 %SRR1: 10000000.00003030

I even took out all the extra memory and left only two 1 gig DIMMs to make sure that memory size isn't an issue. This is a PowerMac7,3, but ultimately I'd like to run NetBSD on some Xserve G5s. Suggestions?

John Klos

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