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Re: Commit 1.20 ofw_machdep.c breaks PowerMac G5 in NetBSD HEAD


On Thu, 04 Apr 2013 00:09:58 +0200
Phileas Fogg <phileas-fogg%mail.ru@localhost> wrote:

> after commit 1.20 sys/arch/powerpc/powerpc/ofw_machdep.c
> i'm not able to boot NetBSD HEAD on my PowerMac G5.
> Reverting it fixes the issue.
> Console works but the kernel hangs just before the message about total
> and available memory appears.

This is weird - it works on mine.

What's in your /memory properties? Especially "available" and "reg"?
Also, what's in / "#size-cells" and "#address-cells" ?

Finally, does it work if you remove this:
        if (((regcnt >> 2) % (acells + scells)) != 0) {
                aprint_normal("messed up 'available' property detected\n");
                acells = 1;
... and just set acells to 1 there?

I'm not sure if "available" is supposed to list memory above 4GB. On
mine it doesn't even though "reg" contains 64bit addresses and there is
high memory.

have fun

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