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a G5 in NYC

hey netbsd folks--

[i'm not subscribed to the list -- please direct replies to me]

I live in New York City.  I have a couple Mac G5 towers that i would
love to get into the hands of free software developers.

Julio Merino suggested i mention them on this list.

The towers are massive and bulky, but if you're in NYC we could probably
arrange a transfer.  if you're not in NYC, and you're willing to pay
packing/shipping costs from a shipper that is convenient to me, i'd be
happy to send them to you.  Both towers are uniprocessor models.

I also have a powermac laptop i'd be happy to give away if it would be
useful to anyone.  i can't vouch for its condition: i'm afraid the
battery is probably dead and i don't have a matching power supply, but
if you can supply those parts, or if it would be useful to you for
parts, please let me know.

thanks for your work on netbsd!



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