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Re: Mysterious lockups

At 5:22 PM +0000 3/30/13, Valery Ushakov wrote:
>Donald Lee <MacPPC2%c.icompute.com@localhost> wrote:
>> I am getting mysterious lockups on my web server - recently upgraded to
>> NetBSD 6.0.1.  It's on a PM G4 machine (Quicksilver).  It locks up and
>> often still responds to pings, but nothing else.  Console flashes the cursor
>> (maybe), but no prompt.  There is nothin in the logs indicating trouble.
>> Anyone else seen this?  Any suggestions on tracking it down?  I would
>> feel better if I at least had some idea of what is triggering it.
>It's probably the infamous "tstiling".
>Next time it hangs you can break into DDB from console and check with
>ps (ddb command, not ordinary command; see ddb(4)).  I've seen such
>lockup once on my newly installed mini g4 when I was copying over
>several cvs trees from the old machine.
>Cc'ing tech-kern@ may be of help, it's probably MI problem, not
>specific to macppc.

Console does not respond (aside from the first CR, sometimes).
I don't think I can use ddb.  I'll read the man page......  Thanks


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