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Confidence: Chopping between 5.2 and 6.0.1

I have converged on a 99% solution for my "chop".  Here is my

2011-04-15 - usr9 - netbsd 5.99.49 - clean - clean2 - c3 c4 c5
2011-04-25 - usrd - (buildfail) netbsd 5.99.50
2011-05-05 - usra - netbsd 5.99.51 - clean - bad2 - bad3
2011-05-11 - usrc - netbsd 5.99.51b - clean - clean bad1 bad2 bad3
2011-05-17 - usrb - netbsd 5.99.51a - bad - bad - bad - bad

These are the checkout dates I tried, and the test results.

The 2011-04-15 version was the latest one where I saw no errors, even though
I ran the test case (at least) 5 times.  No errors on versions prior to that

The 2011-04-25 checkout did not build, unfortunately.

The 2011-05-05 and 2011-05-11 builds looked OK, but when I re-ran the 
tests, I did see failures.  For the 2011-05-11 version especially, it
was hard to get an error, but I did get them.  2011-05-17 (and later)
seems to fail freely

This puts the timeframe about 3 weeks - somewhere between 2011-04-15
and 2011-05-05, code went in to cause our badness.

I have saved the kernels.  If necessary, I could do a few
more to narrow down the time frame a litle more (presuming more build errors
don't get in my way)

I am anxious to see this fixed, and will want to put the fix in production

Thank you,


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