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Re: Progress: Chopping between 5.2 and 6.0.1


So, then is 5.2 bad?


On Mar 22, 2013, at 12:41 AM, Donald Lee wrote:

I have done a bunch of builds, and tested the kernels. The interesting
builds are these:

cvs checkout -D 2011-04-15 -P src - usr9 - netbsd 5.99.49 - clean
cvs checkout -D 2011-05-05 -P src - usra - netbsd 5.99.51 - clean
cvs checkout -D 2011-05-11 -P src - usrc - (build)      netbsd 5.99.51b
cvs checkout -D 2011-05-17 -P src - usrb - netbsd 5.99.51a - bad
cvs checkout -D 2011-06-01 -P src - usr7 - netbsd.5.99.52 - bad

Builds from "-D 2011-05-05" and previous are all good.

Builds from "-D 2011-05-17" and later are all bad.

I am running one more build for 2011-05-11 and will test it.  The
build is running now.

I saved the kernels, and before pronouncing a verdict, I plan to re- test
the key "boundary condition" kernels just to make sure I didn't
mess up the testing.

It looks like the evil change went in between 2011-05-05 and 2011-05-17.

I'll report back when this latest build/test is done, and and after
I have re-checked the tests.


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