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Re: So far: Chopping between 5.2 and 6.0.1

On 20 Mar, 2013, at 12:40 , Donald Lee <MacPPC2%c.icompute.com@localhost> wrote:
> My 5.99.42 build was done on the mac, running 5.2.  What are the
> chances that the 5.99.47 and 5.99.52 builds failed on my intel
> machine because it's running 6.0.1?  Intel?

Not high.  You are sampling -current sources, which are known to
sometimes end up in a state where they can't be built on any host
platform, so having the build of any particular snapshot fail isn't
unexpected (though it happens less often now than it used to).  Issues
with cross-building must be far less common since I don't remember
there being one when I've been paying attention, and that includes
building on Linux and MacOS X.

You never know, though.  If your next two tries also fail on the Intel
machine you might try picking one and building it on the mac to make
sure that it fails in the same way, though I'd be quite surprised if it

Should run a betting pool on when you'll find the problem started.  My
bet would be somewhere between 5.99.42 and maybe 5.99.45 since I vaguely
remember a lot of powerpc work being done then.

Dennis Ferguson

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