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_UC_TLSBASE support breaks some programs on -current?

Bumping this issue a bit...

See the thread started here:


As mentioned, following the commit logged here:


some programs built from pkgsrc crash with SIGSEGV.  This is the case
whether the programs were built on systems running kernels before the
above change or built after the change.

So far, the only programs observed to crash are "security/sudo", "wip/sudo"
and "x11/rxvt-unicode".

Reverting to r1.42 of "src/sys/arch/powerpc/powerpc/sig_machdep.c"
produces a working kernel under which the affected programs no-longer

I'm in the process of building out my preferred set of packages (under
HEAD with the above reversion) and will try to find other affected
programs under a kernel built with the current revision of the above
file restored.

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