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Re: Userland instability in NetBSD 6.0.1 MacPPC

Following up on my two symptoms of userland instability on MacPPC.

My analog runs ran alongside a build of the system today.  The number
of errors in the analog output was much more than I usually see.

I got back to the userland system build, and unpacked the gnu source in
/big/usr/src, along with the other source (except syssrc.tgz.  Do
I need that, too??)

The build script looks like this:



        echo  ================================= Try again `date` >> RUNOUT 2>&1 
        ./build.sh -U  build >> RUNOUT 2>&1 

I am now on my fourth iteration of running this script.  No two builds
have been the same, and so far, they all fail,  most after running
several hours.  I've saved all the output, FWIW, and there is a
build running now.

I smell non-determinism.....


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