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Re: tlp: driver not supported in NetBSD 6.0?

On 1/29/13 2:15 PM, Donald Lee wrote:
> I am upgrading my server to either NetBSD 5.2 or 6.0.1, and I find that when
> I load up 6.0.1, the network doesn't work.  In the log, it says something
> about "sorry, I cn't handle your board".  (unfortunately, I already wiped the
> disk with the message, but it was something like that.)

"sorry, unable to handle your board" is the message that
if_tlp_pci.c:tlp_pci_attach() emits if it fails. So I suppose that the
tlp driver is still in your kernel, and thinks that it should attach,
but it doesn't like something that it sees in the hardware.

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