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Re: Firefox became unstable with 5.2, works fine with 5.1.2

Jochen Kunz wrote:

>> Firefox 3.6.28, from pkgsrc-2012Q3, sometimes refused to start
> I am running 6.0_STABLE on a 1.4 GHz MacMini and pkgsrc from around
> X-mess. Starting firefox-17.0.1 results in a core dump allways. I also
> had to fix a broken patch to get it compiled. Is this to be expected?

Sort of. From my experience Firefox stopped working on PowerPC systems with
the 4.0 release. I gave up trying recent versions long ago.

> I tried firefox36. It seems to work at first sight. But then I saw the
> same problems you describe: Mouse wheel stops to work and lock ups.

Thanks for the confirmation. So it is likely that the same evil patch which
made it into 6.0 (and appeared around 5.99.52) was pulled up into 5.2.

Today I tested with a 5.2 kernel and a 5.1.2 userland, and already at the
first start, Firefox didn't even open its window and the process remained
in the "parked" state. Starting it a second time, it didn't take long until
it locked up again (the xulrunner process was "parked").

Also the mouse-wheel problem occured. At the same time I notice that you can
no longer switch to another tab. Probably some threads are hanging there as

At least we can be sure that it is caused by the kernel alone, not by the

When I had a lot of free time, I would try out all changes between 5.1.2 and
5.2 until I got the problem. ;)

Frank Wille

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