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Re: BootX (linux version) and the install kernel.

I would love to see you (or any body else) to work on it as soon as possible, but survival of said programmer is better so I can wait.

On 2012-03-12 02:09, David Riley wrote:
On Mar 11, 2012, at 12:00 PM, Pär Moberg wrote:

I would love to install NetBSD on my Power Mac 6500 and use it as at 
development platform for all my old computers and other stuff.

My problem is that I can't boot the installation kernel and I would love it if 
some brave soul could make Bootx boot netbsd. Mainly since it is so easy to use 
compared to ofwboot.xcf, also it makes it possible to dual boot easily.

That would be interesting.  I boot most of my macppc machines with ofwboot.xcf 
because I'm not looking to dual-boot, but I'd love to dual-boot my 7300.  Once 
I'm done my Master's thesis (May-ish), that might be something I could look 
into.  I've been threatened with death and/or castration by my wife if I don't 
finish this semester, though, so... priorities.

On the converse side, I'd be interested in hacking EMILE (the Linux-mac68k 
boot-block bootloader) to boot more than just Linux images as well.  Lots of 
really neat ROM Toolbox magic going on in that code.  Obviously, this isn't the 
list for that project. :-)

- Dave

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