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Re: Hunting the ahc boot-time panic

On Tue, 18 Oct 2011, Michael wrote:

What font they default to depends on which fonts you compile into the
kernel. Leave out Gallant, add something like VT8x8 and you should
have all the screen real estate you need ;)

So, that would be (for a differential config that includes GENERIC):

  no options    FONT_GALLANT12x22
  options       FONT_VT8x8

So the fonts are in sys/dev/wsfont/blah.h.  While I see an obvious
relationship to "options FONT_GALLANT12x22".  There are several
"vt220*8x8" options.  Which one does "FONT_VT8x8" select?

ofb hasn't been used or tested for ages, please use genfb instead.

It appears to still work just fine.

On a related note, is there any way to convince the machine to use
a higher resolution without resorting to booting MacOS (since I
no-longer have that available)?

Does this particular ahc have:
- an OpenFirmware ROM?


- Are you trying to boot from it?


- any devices attached?


I remember some changes related to enabling IO and memory access a
few months ago but the only ahc I have in regular use is in an SGI
O2, and it's the device we use to boot from so the firmware set them
up and wouldn't need kernel code to enable IO or memory access in the
first place.

Yes, a commit 10 May 2011 18:31:33 UTC logged here:


made changes to PCI mem/io enabling.  Neither "ahc" nor "ppb" (the most
likely candidates I can think of) were among those changed in this commit.

To see if that's what happens just add a printf() to dump the
command/status register's content ( it's read early on in ahc_pci_attach(),
according to your kernel output we crash a bit later, after the printf()
that's already there )

There's a printf() that's "#if 0"'d out that prints some bus information.
I've enabled it and added a line to print the CSR value.  I won't be able
to check it until late tonight or maybe tomorrow morning.

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