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Re: ofwboot enhancement

> Indeed. Sorry. I have uploaded the whole ofdev.c to ftp.netbsd.org under
>   pub/NetBSD/misc/phx/macppc/ofwboot/ofdev.c.gz

I've tried this one and it works fine (no bad side effect)
on my Apus2000 with OF 2.0.

> And keep in mind that ofwboot probably won't work, when compiled in current
> (see my other posting). I made my tests in the netbsd-5-0 branch instead.

How old your kernel? I.e. does your kernel have this fix?

It looks RTC is mangled (probably caused by 64 bit time_t changes?)
and in that case kernel will hang if it doesn't have the above fix.
I'll take a look at related changes later.
Izumi Tsutsui

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