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Re: Ancient packages - php4-mysql


I just check the FTP pkgsrc repository, but can't find anything like that for PHP4 and NetBSD 4.0.

I am not really sure, but I think you could upgrade to PHP5 and use the packages that are here:

There's a phpmyadmin package in the FTP site above. Since I've never used pkgsrc (incredible, huh?), I can't tell you if the dependencies are included...


On 21/10/2009, at 12:34, Donald Lee wrote:

I am running pkg - mysql-server-4.1.22nb2, mysql-client-4.1.22nb3, and
php-4.3.11.  I would like to run phpMYadmin, but it requires the
php extension php-mySQL.  Unfortunately, I think I need php4-mysql,
which I can't find.

Building from source would be a real chore, it appears because I
would have to set up a truly ancient environment to satisfy the
requirements for this old package.

What I would REALLY like is an archived macppc version of php4-mysql that
I could add to my setup (NetBSD 4.0.1).  I presume that it existed
at some point, but I now can't find a copy.

Can anyone with some experience in this area tell me if I'm barking up
the wrong tree?  I don't think I can use the newer php5-mysql packages
unless I am willing to update my php and/or mysql, and I really
can't do that without upgrading my NetBSD, and it's a production
(STABLE) machine.

Thanks for any help,


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