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Re: mac mini G5 freezing after X11 ends


On 10/2/09, Torsten Harenberg <harenberg%physik.uni-wuppertal.de@localhost> 
> Dear list,
> I'm new to this list so please excuse if this has discussed before - I
> couldn't find it in the archives.
> I recently set up a mac mini with NetBSD (first 5.0.1_PATCH, now I
> updated to -current (5.99.19) to have the internal WLAN running).
> Everything worked fine and as described in INSTALL (I already have a
> couple of NetBSD boxes running) and I even got X11 to work.
> But when I stop X11 (kill it or regularly), the machine freezes.

Try enabling the following option:
        Option  "MacModel"      "mini"
in the Device section of your Xorg.conf file.

Hope that helps,

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