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install vs generic kernel


Back to my pismo with 5.0.1.  It halts at uhub1 at usb1: vendor....

The next line with the install kernels is 

adbkbd0 at nadb0 addr 2: PowerBook G3 keyboard

nadb0 is listed as (also INSTALL kernel):

nadb0 at pmu0: Apple Desktop Bus

I wonder if, from the config files, that the problem isn't

GENERIC:nadb*   at adb_bus?                     # ADB bus enumerator, at cuda 
or pmu
GENERIC:adbkbd* at nadb?                        # ADB keyboard
GENERIC:adbms*  at nadb?                        # ADB mice and touchpads
GENERIC:adbbt*  at nadb?                        # button device found on *Books

INSTALL:#adb*   at obio?                        # Apple Desktop Bus
INSTALL:#akbd*  at adb?                         # ADB keyboard
INSTALL:nadb*   at cuda?                        # new ADB Bus abstraction
INSTALL:nadb*   at pmu?                         # new ADB Bus abstraction
INSTALL:adbkbd* at nadb?                        # ADB keyboard

I wonder if I added a line 

nadb* at pmu?

to GENERIC and built a kernel if I shouldn't expect success.  Can I do this 
a kernel rebuild?





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