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Re: [OT] SSH throttle - security


I have an ssh annoyance - my logs are FULL of cracking attempts.  This is
an externally visible server, so I can't simply shut off access.  They are
trying lots of random accounts, and I'm not worried that they'll get in,
but it's a pain, both because it generates huge logfiles, and also
because it burns non-trivial CPU.

Does anyone know of an option/method to "throttle" incoming SSH requests.
I would be more than happy to limit said requests to one every N seonds,
where N is in the range of 5-10 (or more?)

This doesn't throttle (which might possibly lock you and other legitimate users out), but it does block failed attempts and attempts to log in as nonexistent users (particularly root):


I've used this on Mac OS X systems, but I'm sure it's easily adaptable to NetBSD.

John Klos

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