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Re: processes state "sokva"


On Mon, 17 Nov 2008, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 02:19:38PM -0600, Al - Image Hosting Services

I have been running several servers with lighttpd on them and it hasn't
been a problem until lately. The process enters into a state of "sokva". I
think this means that it is running out of memory for socket buffers. I
tried building a kernel with: "option SOSEND_NO_LOAN", and although now it
didn't give me a state of "sokva", some processes stopped responding. I
built another kernel with:

options         MAXFILES=16384
options         NMBCLUSTERS=20480
options         DFLDSIZ=402653184
options         SHMMAXPGS=8192
options         SYSVMSG
options         SYSVSEM
options         SYSVSHM
options         MSGMNB=16384
options         MSGSSZ=64
options         MSGTQL=512

But I commented out option SOSEND_NO_LOAN.

I switched to apache, and still I was getting some processes that have a
state of "sokva". I then "sysctl -w kern.somaxkva=33554432", it has not
done it since then, but I haven't been pushing it as hard as I was.

I think it could be that my kernel config caused this, or I wonder if
there could be a mbufs memory leak. Any ideas?

How much network load do you have ? You may well have a too low
kern.somaxkva for your workload ...

All my servers are pretty much maxed out as far as cpu usage goes. What
bothers me is that a kernel with "option SOSEND_NO_LOAN" didn't fix the
problem. Nothing would be waiting in "sokva", but still most process would
stop responding.

So maybe your system is really running out of network ressources ?

How could I look at what kernel resources are being used that could be related to this issue?

Best Regards,

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