Subject: BOOT/BSDP failed: no FILENAME specifiedopen /netbsd
To: None <>
From: DataZap <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/15/2007 08:33:38

I did some googling about this. I was able to find someone else with this
problem trying to install NetBSD4 BETA2 on a mini, but not a solution.

I can see from the logs on the the server that it does a dhcp request,
gets ofwboot.xcf via tftp. It then looks like it does another dhcp request
(or at least there is another line in my messages log on the server), but
even if I run mountd -d, I don't even see an attempt to connect to the nfs
server. Although, I can mount the nfs partition. I think that it is ether
a problem with ofwboot.xcf, my dhcpd.conf (I am using instead of, or the home/office switch/router that I am using. I was just
wondering, is there any way that I could tell ofwboot.xcf the location of
the nfs server and root file system from the boot prompt?  This would
greatly speed things up for me.