Subject: Re: No sound on Mac mini
To: Michael Lorenz <>
From: Joel CARNAT <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 05/17/2007 12:17:26
> I dug up the relevant changes to radeonfb and snapper, they should show
> up in the 4.0 branch pretty soon. Anything else that's broken ( or
> semi-broken ) in 4.0 but works in -current?

Now that the console works nice, I don't even get a sound device reference
in dmesg. My kernel is from "NetBSD-Daily/netbsd-4/200705160002Z". I'm not
sure whether the updates for snapper have already been pulled or not.
Looks like snapper.c is "1.13 2006/09/24 03:47:09".

If not I'll wait till they are to check again.
If they already are, then I guess this is a problem :)