Subject: Re: Help with Beige G3 running OF2.0f1
To: Jason Berenson <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 12/07/2006 22:22:42
Jason Berenson wrote:
> Community,
> I have a beige g3 running OF2.0f1 and it won't let me boot off an 
> external scsi hdd that doesn't have the netbsd kernel on an hfs 

Do you have the system disk or startup disk nvram patches loaded? If it 
doesn't have the kernel on it, how do you plan to boot it?

> partition.  Is there a way to upgrade the OF to be 3.0 or the latest so 

You have that backwards. OF 1.x and 2.x cannot read HFS period; while 
3.x will only read HFS. The only thing old world machines know are 
ISO9660, FAT/MSDOS, netboot, and raw "partition zero" read. There's no 
OF3 upgrade, the ROM is on a non-writeable DIMM stick. There are 
different versions of 2.x for it, but none for 3.

> that I can hopefully do this without using HFS?  I have MacOS installed 
> now but I'd prefer not having it installed after I get NetBSD running.

Old World machines won't work with HFS and never will. Just boot the 
install kernel from something and run sysinst and you should be good to go.