Subject: Console drivers
To: netbsd-macppc macppc <>
From: Michael Lorenz <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 11/08/2006 00:55:18
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so, finally the missing pieces to allow using accelerated display 
drivers as console on macppc are in place. Please try them and report 
success or failure.

Now you can choose from these drivers:
- - ofb. Plain old unaccelerated framebuffer driver. Can't switch video 
modes and uses whatever resolution your firmware sets up.
- - machfb. Should support most ATI Mach 64 chips. Seems to have trouble 
with the Rage LT found in some PowerBooks, it would be nice if someone 
with the right hardware could investigate. I wrote the acceleration 
part originally for the Rage Pro found on Sun Ultra 10 mainboards but 
it works fine with the Rage II found in G3 iMacs, Beige G3 and probably 
- - chipsfb. I wrote this one for the PowerBook 3400c. Should work on the 
2400 as well, the original PowerBook G3 will need some hacking. The 
driver is pretty new, no idea if the VGA port works.
- - radeonfb. Should support most Radeons, has trouble with R3xx chips 
which I can't fix for lack of hardware and documentation. Works fine on 
my iBook G4. Someone with access to ATI documentation should take care 
of this one.
- - voodoofb. Supports 3Dfx Voodoo3 cards, I wrote it for a PCI Voodoo3 
2000, it /may/ work with Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 as well but again I don't 
have the hardware. The video mode it switches to is currently hardcoded 
to 1024x768, you may want to change that. DDC2 support is almost done.

Running X with any of the accelerated drivers works exactly the same 
way as with ofb - if you needed options OFB_FAKE_VGA_FB with ofb you'll 
need it with the resp. accelerated driver as well. They also all 
support virtual consoles and ANSI colours.
Most of these drivers aren't well tested ( read: they work on my 
hardware, not necessarily on anyone else's ), only machfb has been in 
use for some time ( on sparc64 ) so there will be glitches. Please 
report them.

have fun
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