Subject: Monitor sync'ing under auto-boot? on OF 3?
To: None <>
From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 10/02/2006 23:59:15
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Okay, so I am both behind the times and out of the loop, BUT!

My long-reliable (pushing 12 years, if not pulling it) 7200/90 with
a 7500 motherboard replacement with a G3 processor finally kicked
the bucket recently, and I'm finally getting around to replacing it
in kind (rather than having the FreeBSD+2x3ware 9x00 storage system
stand in... let's not get into an argument over that, the vendor
supports the drivers and management interface there, and they work
quite nicely).

Despite something of a version jump (I'm ashamed to admit it was
still running... 1.6K. No, really), things under both NetBSD and
OpenFirmware (almost as useful as OpenBoot!) 3 are mostly familiar,
and OF 3 is mostly less of a pain than OF 1.0.5, only but if the
system is permitted auto-boot? true (with output ostensibly going
to the monitor, of course, not ttya), instead of boot messages and
console, it is simply blank white. If, instead, boot is issued
manually at the OF prompt, what I expect to happen does (ofwboot.xcf
flies by, boot messages in the silly OpenFirmware font start

Setting boot-command to catch 5000 ms boot (or similar) definitely
pauses as desired, syncs the monitor as normal, and, as before,
displays blank white. (Hey, it was worth a shot.)

I realize, as I type, that I'm using a slightly abnormal (21", Sony,
dual-input, etc) CRT, and it may behoove me to plug in a less fruity
monitor and see if the problem persists, especially since poking
at Google doesn't turn up anyone else with a similar complaint.

But am I missing something obvious?

(The system in question is one of these:

The 533 MHz model with a(n?) NVIDIA GeForce2 MX. As described there,
except the Intel EE Pro and D-Link DFE 530TX+ PCI cards.)

(In other news... how -current do I need to be for i2s to actually
get configured? Is it as simple as its being excluded from GENERIC?
Some mailing list history reading suggests that the driver is
non-functional on some iBooks... but it's not clear that this
implies that it mostly works. If audio can work, I'll be getting
another of these systems--$250 at, whose selection
I do recommend perusing--to run the stereo.)

gabriel rosenkoetter

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