Subject: Re: error on kernel mnake depend
To: Havard Eidnes <>
From: Riccardo Mottola <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 04/03/2006 23:30:36
Hey all,

> h.d sd.d st.d st_scsi.d ss.d ss_mustek.d ss_scanjet.d uk.d openfirmio.d
> mainbus.
> d cpu.d pci_machdep.d bandit.d wsdisplay.d wsemulconf.d wsemul_dumb.d
> wsemul_vt1
> 00.d wsemul_vt100_subr.d wsemul_vt100_chars.d wsemul_vt100_keys.d
> wsevent.d wskb
> d.d wskbdutil.d wsmouse.d wsmux.d wsdisplay_vcons.d wsfont.d rasops.d
> rasops8.d
> pci.d pci_map.d pci_quirks.d pci_subr.d pci_usrreq.d pcibusprint.d
> if_ex_pci.d p
> uc.d pucdata.d com_puc.d cyber.d lpt_puc.d if_rtk_pci.d if_tlp_pci.d
> if_re_pci.d
>  ofb.d pchb.d obio.d esp.d mesh.d if_mc.d am79c950.d zs.d z8530sc.d
> z8530tty.d a
> db.d adb_direct.d pm_direct.d apm.d aed.d akbd.d ams.d abtn.d nvram.d
> swapnetbsd
> .d assym.d" | mkdep -D
> cc: argument to `-D' is missing
> mkdep: compile failed.
> *** Error code 1

apparently mkdep changed since 3.0! I pulled out usr.bin in the srcs and
compileda  new mkdep and replaced the system one, thus make depend
worked, make too... and the new kernel boots !!!!!