Subject: Printer serial port on a Powermac 8500
To: None <>
From: CVD Groups <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 09/27/2005 21:47:29
Hello folks, me again.

I've gone and installed apsfilter and other relevant software packages 
in the hopes of turning my new BSD system into a print server.  The 
problem is that the available printer is an Epson Stylus 740 inkjet 
with a cable for the serial printer port.

After searching for information on connecting a serial printer in 
NetBSD, I came across this:



I'm having troubles using my serial port!
That's because the built-in serial ports don't work very well. 
Actually, they're really only good enough for console use (and even 
then, they're sometimes flaky).  Until someone fixes this, don't assume 
you can run a modem, ppp, sync your palm, or whatever. If you have any 
experience with serial drivers and a willingness to help, please 


Is it possible that the printer won't work with a serial connection, or 
have I looked in the wrong place?  I'd appreciate it if someone with 
more experience could let me know.

Thanks in advance,