Subject: Re: lint issues with larger caches
To: Donald Lee <>
From: John Klos <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 09/25/2005 18:59:42
> Whoa!
> This problem sounds suspiciously like the one I was seeing some time
> ago with CPU upgrades on my G4 machines.  See thread:
> Is this the fix for my problem, too?

I doubt it. Your problem was something else, and was something you saw on 
older and newer CPUs. This problem mainfests itself differently.

> Can I patch it into 1.6.x?

1.6 has a completely different toolchain, so I can't see it being 

Also, turning off powersave might've made things better for you on your 
machines, but on, for instance, my 2 GHz 7447a, running the CPU at 100% 
means about 40 watts more power consumption and the heat that goes along 
with that. So I'm glad at least for that reason that the problem is fixed 

I remember reading about your problem, but I couldn't offer any help 
because I couldn't replicate the problem myself. Is it something you still