Subject: Re: disklabel warning
To: Ward Coessens <>
From: dixie <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 07/30/2005 19:06:14
Ward Coessens wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to install netbsd 2.0.2 on a powerpc 8600(250, of 1.0.5). I 
> have no experience with this release, or with other BSD- variants, so 
> maybe this is an stupid question. When the installer runs "disklabel" 
> it reports a warning( disklabel: invalid signature in mbr 0). at the 
> end of the installation, pdisk reports only 1 partition, size 1024m 
> (and a apple partition map) 

Of course it does :), you cannot create partitions with disklabel(5) on 
a macppc machine, due to some disklabel's limitations I guess.
Depending on your machine, you can partition your drive either from Mac 
OS and NetBSD's boot cd, using pdisk(8) in the latter case, as explained 
on the partitioning-howto[1].

> I also didn't manage to boot into bsd from the hd...

Seems like you do not have the necessary partitions to do so.

> all help is appreciated
> excuse my for my english...

mine's not better :)

> Ward Coessens

bye, hope I'd been of some help.

P.S.: please refer to the install notes[2] for further informations