Subject: confused about video board !
To: None <>
From: idx.adrian_mayer <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 07/01/2005 21:07:19
i'm confused a lot !

isn't possible to accelerate the video support in netbsd kernel ?
why is GENRIC compiled without video cached ?

is it possible to include matrox initialization to use a PC matrox ?
(gentoo-hppa does it, so it should be possible to "grab" the matrox 
initialization into netbsd kernel, i don't like to reflash my matrox 
bios to allow powermac 4400 firmware to initialize it, i'd like the 
netbsd kernel do it)

also .......... voodoo2 ?
is it possible to use a voodoo2 ?
if so, how ?

my question is easy; the 4400 text console is too slow, how to make it 
really usable ?
best regards