Subject: Re: Booting a PowerMac 7200 (progress made since last time !!)
To: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=E9mi?= Zara <>
From: Tim Kelly <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 05/01/2005 10:31:12
> Disassembling just openfirm.o does not seem do provide good results.
> below is the text for OF_getprop. The instruction branches to  
> openfirmware.

I find that objdump on the entire kernel can generate very large files
that pico and a few other editors choke on.  For small code segments it
is quicker (for me) to just do the object file and line things up.

> I think openfirmware needs to be fixed for the 601, since it resets  
> BATS 2 and 3....

I use this code to test for 601 in the bootloader I use for testing

       mfspr   r0,287                  /* PVR = 287 */
       srwi    r0,r0,0x10 
       cmpi    0,1,r0,0x02          /* 601 CPU = 0x0001 */
       blt     bat601                  /* skip over non-601 BAT setup */

Seems to work on 601, but I haven't tested it against other CPUs.  mfpvr
is not implemented on the 601; the value has to be extracted via the
call to SPR 287 (PVR).