Subject: Re: Questions about Performa 6360.
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From: Michael <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 04/26/2005 07:32:04
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> -- Booting from SATA I care not, I will be using the 1.2gig HDD that was =
> the machine to boot the kernel then onto the SATA drive :)(any good
> references for doing this style of boot?) So that means that any SATA card
> should work as OF will not need to boot from it??

I've been using a ZIP drive on my hp300 box in a similar setup for ages ( b=
ecause the braindead firmware wouldn't probe newer SCSI disks - strange eno=
ugh it found the ZIP ) - the trick is to hardcode the location your root fi=
lesystem into the kernel image:
config		netbsd	root on sd0a type ffs
for instance. I always kept two kernels on a ZIP - one with root pointing t=
o the big disk for normal operation, one pointing to the ZIP which containe=
d a minimal NetBSD installation in case I mess up the disk, so I can repair=

Any SATA card with a supported controller should just work. That's the theo=
ry though, in real life there may be platform-specific issues because these=
 things tend to be rather x86-centric so few of the drivers would have been=
 thoroughly tested on anything else. There are people who used such cards i=
n macppc, sparc64 and other PCI machines, better ask around on the respecti=
ve mailing lists before buying anything. ( if a driver works on sparc64 cha=
nces are pretty good it will work on macppc too - same byte order, alignmen=
t requirements and so on )

> -- I can't seem to find any of the comm. Slot cards listed they all seem =
> be newer PCI cards. Do we know for sure that comm. Slot is even supported?

There are a lot of different things under the label 'CommSlot' - sometimes =
it's a cut-down serial thingie to plug in a modem, sometimes an odd-shaped =
NuBus slot and later it's PCI. I'm pretty sure the one you're talking about=
 is PCI ( the connector should look like PCI, but the cards would be longer=
 and less than half-high ) - in this case I'd bet it's just an ordinary PCI=
 slot as far as NetBSD cares.

> If so can someone please point me at the obvious :)

I've never run NetBSD on a box like that so take my ramblings about the Com=
mSlot with more than one grain of salt, maybe someone who has first-hand ex=
perience cares to comment :)

have fun

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