To: None <>
From: Bill Squier <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 03/15/2005 13:55:32
So I picked up a Mac Mini last night in order to make it my nice small,
quiet, mail, DNS and mp3 server.

I did this:

	mkisofs -o ofw.iso ofwboot.xcf
	dd if=ofw.iso of=/dev/wd0c (of the mac mini)
	reset the mini
	boot cd:,\ofwboot.xcf netbsd.macppc
	ran sysinst
		told it partition A started 1MB in (a waste, I know)
	reset the mini
	set boot-command hd:,\OFWBOOT.XCF;1
	set boot-file netbsd

Then it hangs.

	However, if I reset the Mini, and drop into OF, and type:


it boots.  Or if I:

	boot hd:,\OFWBOOT.XCF;1 netbsd

it boots. (obviously)

So I thought perhaps this was a hard drive spinup problem, and I followed
each piece of advice on that in the macppp FAQ, namely:

	setenv boot-command catch 5000 ms boot

and after that produced a black screen after reset,

	setenv boot-command begin ['] boot catch 999 ms cr again

which also failed.

Now in practice, I _could_ run it this way, attached to a UPS, but I'd sure
prefer auto-booting.

Bill Squier (                

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