Subject: State of current, or it is possible to succeed with "" ??
To: None <>
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Niels_Schj=F8tt_Eliasen?= <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 02/24/2004 12:21:46
I am just about to give up....
I have now for more than 4 months been trying to get a recent version 
of "-current" running on my trusty old Powerbook 3500..
I installed initially a 1.6.1 version from an ISO-image ... did boot 
from the CD-ROM and the system did come up and ran flawlessly,,,,
However looking further into NetBSD, I noticed some "things" that I 
would like to have running on my box.. one of the being KDE, another 
Koffice, another Java, another amule... and all of these pointed me in 
one direction namely "-current".
Just finding a decent version of current that would allow my box to 
boot is one thing... after some help from Emmanuel Dreyfus, who pointed 
me in the "releng" server direction, I managed to get a version from 
some month back, installed this and I was a happy bunny hoping 
everrything was ok, and I would be able to compile the packages that I 
was interested in ...
But now all h.... broke loose! Sigfaults when compiling, system would 
hang under load(load means just Apache running) and only one way to get 
everything running again... hard reboot!

So ... How should I proceed ?? Going forward and try to get "" 
working ?? One step at a time (so the build process can complete...)
Or reinstall everything and leave it as is ?

I hope this is not to much griping. Principally I would prefer using 
I am just about losing faith right now  ....

and I am not even mentioning XFree86....

mvh/kind regards
Niels S. Eliasen