Subject: Re: installing NetBSD *after* MacOSX and Linux
To: None <>
From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 02/08/2004 12:15:02
On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 07:15:22AM +0000, wrote:
> I have a white iBook that has the following HD layout - omitting, for
> clarity's sake, the various cruft partitions MacOSX wants to have:
> /dev/hda0 linux /     ext2
> /dev/hda1 linux swap  swap
> /dev/hda2 linux /tmp  ext2
> /dev/hda3 linux /var  ext2
> /dev/hda4 linux /usr  ext2
> /dev/hda5 linux /home ext2
> /dev/hda6 <<<empty>>> HFS+      <-- I want NetBSD here.
> /dev/hda7 MacOSX      HFS+
> I have ofwboot.xcf and a kernel on /dev/hda6 .  after I mount /dev/hda6
> from the open firmware prompt, and start the installation process, I will
> run pdisk, right? My question is, can I safely take the defaults it
> provides? In other words, is it only looking at /dev/hda6, since that's
> the one I loaded from OF? If not, what do I have to do share my disk with
> the other OSes? I had a look at the partioning HOWTO on but the
> answers weren't apparent to me.

No, you should split /dev/hda6 into at least 3 additional partitions to
create a root, swap and usr partition. You can place ofwboot.xcf into
your OSX root partition. With NetBSD pdisk you can set the bzb bits for
root (a) and user (g) partition you'll need for newfs'ing the
partitions. Use the pdisk for NetBSD after booting the NetBSD/macppc CD
through fetching it via ftp into /sbin. You'll need to pdisk /dev/wd0c
(not /dev/wd0).

After you've successfully installed NetBSD you can boot it from OFW as
follows (assume OSX is your partition #7, and the kernel of NetBSD
resides in the 6th "Apple_UNIX_SVR2" partition):

boot hd:7,ofwboot.xcf hd:6,/netbsd

> I'd also like to use /dev/hda5, which is /home under linux as my /home under
> NetBSD if possible (I remember that NetBSD can read/write ext2.)

I don't know if NetBSD is capable to read Apple-alike ext2 partition maps.

Have also a look into my HOWTO under:

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