Subject: Memory leakage in current ?
To: None <>
From: Niels S.Eliasen <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 01/26/2004 10:56:50
Using the last good build from:
I have noticed memory leaking from the system....
Initially I thought this only happened when compiling as I needed to 
get a number of packages updated..

However I can see that memory is disappearing using "vmstat "... most 
noticeable compiling when the system(a Powerbook 3500 with 160MB Ram) 
comes to complete stop....

I risk an opinion... but could the missing "build"'s of "current" have 
anything to do with not being able to compile as memory leaks ??

Just my 2 cents...

mvh/kind regards
Niels S. Eliasen