Subject: Re: Problem booting installer on PM 6500
To: None <>
From: Matthieu Lalonde <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 01/17/2004 22:39:48
I was advised by someone from the mailing list to try the floppy images 
that come with build 1.6.1... still no luck I always get this READ 
TIMEOUT errors, anyone can help out?


On 17-Jan-04, at 1:47 AM, Matthieu Lalonde wrote:

> Hello there, I am trying to boot a PowerMac 6500 (OF v 2.0.3) with 
> NetBSD Build 1.6
> I have had many problems. Though I have done this before, I am trying 
> to think I need some sort of exorcist. I have tried booting of a 
> floppy I made from Win 98 (since formatting with mac os will result in 
> <1.44mb free on the disk even if you format with MSDOS or UFS file 
> format) that included OFWBOOT.XCF from build 1.6 and NETBSD.GZ Kernel 
> from 1.5.3 Build, which I found was lucky for some people on the 
> mailing lists archive, but with no luck! I have then tried with both 
> files from the 1.6 build, with no luck again. I told myself maybe the 
> floppy image on the NBSD 1.6 Build would be luckier. So I did:
> $ dd if=boot.fs of=/dev/disk2 bs=32k
> using Mac OS X (which caused some problems cause the floppy wouldn't 
> eject by any means afterwards).
> No Luck.
> I have tried booting of the ISO built CD. No luck (DEFAULT CACHE error)
> The luckiest of all was the floppy image which gave me some *READ 
> TIMEOUT^10* error. As I have seen in the archive some people where 
> lucky after a couple of tries, best I was able to do was with:
> 0> boot fd:9
> (which I am sure is the wrong partition as the floppy image is written 
> on partition 0, correct me if I'm wrong)
> this got me the *READ TIMEOUT^10* error again, but seamed to have 
> loaded the OFWBOOT.XCF as It displayed some info about the NetBSD 1.6 
> firmware boot loader and then displayed
> 0> boot:
> I've tried typing in NETBSD.GZ, netbsd.gz, NETBSD~1.GZ and 
> netbsd~1.gz... all with no luck.
> I was wondering if anyone could point me to some tips to get this 
> working.
> I know it can be done as there is already a NetBSD 1.6 install on the 
> HD which is a little foobar, well at least the MySQL pkg is, and it's 
> what matters the most to me. On top of that the machine has lots of 
> useless pkgs installed and I'd really like to start fresh.
> Now I'm starting to think I'd better buy some cheap PC to do this job, 
> which would announce the retirement of my 6500. I would find this very 
> sad as I know this machine can serve my purpose perfectly.
> In need of an OpenFirmware Exorcist
> -Matth