Subject: Re: 1.6.1 weirdness
To: D Huang <>
From: ML <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 09/30/2003 14:50:07

> There was a thread about an OFB_ENAB_CACHE problem in the April 2003 
> archives where using a current version of ofb.c helped. I don't know if 
> that's the OF optimization that was referred to. I had a similar 
> problem (not finding init/not getting past init) until I used the newer 
> ofb.c file with my custom-built kernel.

Just replacing ofb.c and friends doesn't work anymore. 
But something else - has anyone got the imstt driver in XFree86 to work on NetBSD? It seems to depend on fbdevhw which is Linux-only... I'd even volunteer to hack fbdevhw to work on NetBSD but I'd need some pointers first - how can I access an OpenFirmware framebuffer from NetBSD/macppc? I played with direct framebuffer access on NetBSD/hp300 but I couldn't find a device / man page for macppc yet. I'd just need to read the display geometry / colour depth, map the framebuffer and maybe change colour depth... ( and leave frequencies and resolution at whetever OF sets it for the time being )

have fun