Subject: Re: starmax4000/160 - lost in space
To: Philipp Buehler <>
From: emanuel stiebler <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/19/2003 14:59:29
Philipp Buehler wrote:
 > Hi,
 > ok, I am stuck.
 > Machine: Motorola Starmax4000/160 (well, actually it runs a 200mhz 
board now)
 > current OS: MacOS 7.6

Angeber ;-)

 > OFW: unknown

It's definitely an old one.
I have 2.0.2 here.

 > Short:
 > Apparently none of the common key-combinations work for entering OFW..
 > SysDisk doesnt work (like FAQ says) and the provided Boot Variables
 > wont work, too.. :(

I had my problems here with it too.
The only way it works for me here is, that you have to press
the CMD+OPT+O+F while you press the Reset key on the box.
(Original apple ADB keyboard)
And here it only works with the CMD+OPT on the right side of the keyboard.

Please let somebody make a picture while you're trying to press all this 
buttons at the same time ;-)

 > Then I tried bootvariables.sit.hqx, which a friend of mine unpacked
 > for me (no MacOS elsewhere here, and the 7.6 is "plain"). But 7.6
 > (besides being fscking unstable) only recognizes the file as 'pc 
 > and doesnt run it.

Something went wrong there. I had this problem too, unpacking it on a PC 
with some tools, only had succes after finding the disk with the MacOS & 
the unpack program ...

But try the keyboard again,
That's the easiest choice at the moment.