Subject: Re: NetBSD Reboot
To: Quentin DECAVEL <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 05/07/2003 00:03:45
Hi Quentin DECAVEL,

> I've followed your explanations on how to install NetBSD. I have succeeded
> in doing so, but I now cannot find the sentence to 
> give to OpenFirmware to properly boot NetBSD. Could you explain to me how
> to determine this sentence, given that I installed 
> it with a burnt CDROM on a dedicated drive? If this isn't enough, could
> you tell me how to find this sentence?
> What's more, I cannot install NetBSD on a dedicated partition, because
> although I used Drive Setup to partition my disk, 
> disklabel hasn't found any 4.2BSD partition. Do you have any idea?

I'm sorry for the long delay of this reply. Unfortunately I don't have
personal experience with NetBSD on Apple Macintosh machines. But I have
directed this answer also to the mailing list
where people can probably answer your questions.

Thanks for your interest in NetBSD,

     Klaus Heinz