Subject: beige g3 power-mac install problems
To: netbsdppc <>
From: Peter Wolkerstorfer <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 02/28/2003 14:51:11
hi all,

i have been wading through the macppc-stuff for weeks now - result:
my beige g3-233mhz-power mac won't boot netbsd (but boots and runs macos

the last way i think i could go:
the disk is an ide-disk so i want to connect it to my bsd-386-box and
format,lable,install netbsdppc out of a 386-machine.

ist this possible?
has someone done that?
how to do that?

or is there some way to install the macppc-port from inside the mac-os
like i think the mac68k port is to install?

THX in advance
peter "wolki" wolkerstorfer
p.s.: the boot-problems are:

method 1: ms-dos;
i can boot from ms-dos floppy; the only kernel fitting on the floppy
starts but hangs with only displaying a number (like 789586);

method 2: enet
have no server to boot the image from;

method 3: boot floppy
(tried with net- & obenbsd-boot floppy): first try, second try, third

method 4: from built-in cdrom
:-( no way; a mac-os-x install cd starts, but hangs during installation;
the netbsd-cd doesn't even boot;

method 5: from built-in hd
....prepared of for ide-booting like described on the model-support
NO-HFS-partition-error :-(