Subject: Re: mac <-> pc serial cable for OFW serial console?
To: Don Lee <>
From: Daniel Eggert <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 02/26/2003 09:33:11
On mandag, feb 24, 2003, at 22:41 Europe/Copenhagen, Don Lee wrote:

> If you're trying to use serial on MacPPC NetBSD, be aware that the
> serial ports do not appear to work except as a console.  Other
> applications, such as PPP do not function.
> If this has changed in the most recent updates, PLEASE correct
> me.

I'm running 1.6 and I'm using the serial ports for my console, and even 
then it's not very stable. It's a problem with 'high' data rates. For 
normal console it works ok, but if i use 'more' (when looking at man 
pages) the serial port is likely to hang.