Subject: Re: mac <-> pc serial cable for OFW serial console?
To: None <>
From: Donald Lee <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 02/25/2003 09:10:07
>>If you're trying to use serial on MacPPC NetBSD, be aware that the
>>serial ports do not appear to work except as a console.  Other
>>applications, such as PPP do not function.
>I've heard this warning now and then, but it simply does not match my own experience.
>I've used NetBSD/macppc for modem dialup for some months (around 10-2001) without major problems (some silo overflow messages). ISTR that I used hardware flow control and a suitable cable.


>Now this was an internal modem (Cube), but for all I know these also have a serial connection internally.
>Are the serial ports for internal and external connections somehow different?

I don't know.  Apparently so.

>On what systems exactly are/were you seeing these problems? Did you use any (hardware) flow control?

I tried quite a few combinations on several machines - all in the OFW 1.0.5
7x00 area.

>Perhaps it would help to get some hard data on what models' serial ports work. Perhaps one of the mac hardware gurus could make some sense out of it with respect to the serial hardware and driver.
>(BTW, just some days ago there was some reorganisation in the serial port interrupt code.)

I think this would be an excellent idea.  I have not re-tried this in some
time.  It is quite possible that it has been fixed.  That would be great.

List: anyone interested?