Subject: PB3400c & OFW secret sauce
To: Duncan Missimer <>
From: M L Riechers <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 02/20/2003 16:48:00
> What's the trick to getting to Open Firmware in a PowerBook
> 3400c? I've tried holding down option-apple-O-F before hitting
> the power button, or jabbing them immediately after the chime
> sounds, but it goes to MacOS each time. 
> Duncan

Ah, in my experience, (PM7500) 'tis the deepest of the black arts.
Too little, Too much 4 fingers, doesn't go.

This is my procedure:

1.  Firmly hold down all 4 keys, _without_touching_ any other key. The
    "hold down all 4 keys" is a PITA, but the _without_touching_ bit
    is a subtile wrecker.  I think the keyboard has radar.

2.  While firmly holding down the 4 keyes, key the power on, and
    listen for the chime.

3.  At the instant you hear the chime, _immediately_ release all four
    keys. If the chimes start to die off, and your fingers are still
    on the keyboard, you're dead.

That's how we boot our 7500's.  Hope that helps.