Subject: Re: PowerBase Problems
To:, port-macppc <>
From: Louis Guillaume <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 02/18/2003 15:40:46
> You've got an Open Firmware 1.0.5 system, and it doesn't support HFS
> partitions.

Actually it claims to be version 2.0. Maybe it doesn't know itself! I 
think I tried updating it with System Disk a while ago, maybe that 
spoiled something.

> Your best bet is probably a CD-R or netboot (if the PowerBase has a
> built-in ethernet interface).  Alternatively, if you've got a Zip drive,
> you can format it in DOS and put ofwboot.xcf and the installation kernel on
> there.

I can't seem to reference anything on the SCSI bus without getting 
"invalid partition number, using 0" messages. I have a feeling that the 
ATA bus may be more cooperative, so I may try a drive on that bus. If 
HFS doesn't work I'll try DOS.

> Good luck,